What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

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Helping You Keep Your #SweetResolution


Every New Year lots of us make resolutions and whilst we have the best intentions, they can be hard to maintain. That’s where Whole Earth Sweetener Co.™ comes in – we’ve developed four limited edition packs, containing 21 days worth of our zero calorie Sweet Granules, select yours below to give you a little motivation every day.

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Sweet Better. Live Better®.

It’s Simple

At Whole Earth Sweetener Co.™, we are passionate about creating delightfully sweet, low calorie products that are derived from nature. By harnessing the power of the stevia plant, we are able to craft a range of delicious low calorie sweet solutions.

Stevia Plant

Native to the mountains of South America, the Stevia plant is made sweeter by the rich soil, warm sun and generous rain. Making it over 200 times sweeter than sugar, all without the calories!

‡With steviol glycosides from the stevia plant and erythritol

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Do you struggle to stick to your New Year’s resolution? We know how hard it can be, so we have created unique editions of our Zero Calorie Whole Earth Sweetener Co.™ Sweet Granules to provide you with 21 daily reminders* and help create your positive new habit. Whole Earth Sweetener Co.™ is your perfect partner to stick to your resolution.

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Resolution #1
Sleep More *

Always tired and often miss your 8 hours sleep? Sleep is important in helping your body replenish its energy stores and repairing.

Resolution #2
Connect With Nature *

Getting outside is a great way to get some headspace – take a walk in the park, watch a sunset, play a game outside, go birdwatching or do a bit of stargazing.

Resolution #3
Exercise More *

Exercising can help you lose weight, build muscle and improve your health. From taking the stairs to running a 10K – pick a goal that suits you.

Resolution #4
Eat More Balanced *

Eating well doesn’t have to mean avoiding your favourite foods – cake doesn’t have to be the enemy – it’s all about balance! Focus on fuelling your body with the right foods and enjoy treats in moderation.

*The Sweet Granules sticks are daily reminders only to help you to stick to your resolution and in themselves cannot guarantee success.

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